Sowing the first vegetables


Last Tuesday I sowed Rucola under glass in the breeding box. I bought the seeds last year, so they are not new. I read that it is better to use new seeds every year, but I will have to give it a try.
During the knight and during cold days I put the cover over the box, so basically it’s a bit “sowing under glass”.

Saturday I also sowed loose-leaved lettuce next to the Rucola in the breeding box and broad beans and peas in the round pot. I’ve read that I should have sowed the peas earlier, in February, because they germinate best under colder conditions. I hope they will grow.

Goose berries and Currant berries

Kruisbessen Rode bessen

There is so much going on in the garden.

There are already very small berries on the goose berry bush, picture at left. And there are also very small berries at the red currant bush, picture at the right.
Actually I’m not a big fan of these berries. 

The gooseberries are very sour and they have a very hard skin.  The red berries are very sour too. Last year I made jam. Now I’m trying to find a good recipe.